Hi! I am Krystian,

I am a photographer and videographer. After seeing the rest of this website I bet that’s a surprising statement. As you can tell, I have a dry sense of humour, but trust me I am able to laugh at any jokes. I’ve never been good at writing, that’s why I have picked a camera to help me capture moments and express my thoughts in a better way. I am passionate about visuals, aesthetics, quality and I am detail-oriented (personally being detail-oriented always sounds like some must-have bullet point in a creative CV).

I started taking pictures and recording videos as a teenager and tried different creative and artistic paths – I even graduated in Architecture – but in the end, it always drew me back to Photography. It is very important for me to capture an image in an interesting style, by following or manipulating light and by composing the image in a curious way. I love using different mediums like digital or film cameras and I am obsessed with making sure that colours are spot on! 

I am currently working as in-house photographer for Berry Bros and Rudd. I have the privilege to travel and capture visuals of fascinating wine and spirits producers. I have worked as well on a variety of projects displayed on broadcast, in cinemas, on brands’ websites.

I usually don’t tend to talk too much about myself, therefore I would love to know anything about you or your project if you would like me to help you with it. I guarantee my creative output to the project, great fun and meeting your deadline. Thank you so much for reading till here.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!