Hi! I am Krystian,

I appreciate your interest in my work. I’m a photographer with a special focus on fine wines and spirits photography. Over the years, I’ve roamed to different countries, capturing images of wine and spirits producers for various magazines, and I’ve also crafted short films about their stories. I have a deep admiration for the way sharp sunlight creates striking contrasts and I’m dedicated to capturing the genuine emotions on people’s faces, resulting in portraits that feel authentic and unfiltered.

The photos you’ll find on my website are a mix of digital and medium format film photography. I have a soft spot for film photography because it enables me to capture moments in a way that conveys the pure essence of the moment and the emotions within.

As for the films on my website, they are all my own productions, created from start to finish.

If my style of photography and videos has caught your eye, and you’re interested in collaborating on a new project, please don’t hesitate to reach out!